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This goes on for the rest of the time, him keeping you completely aroused but also unspotted…until you go back to the base, where the two of you have a long night of rough, indulgent sex. Ceiling Cat Uploaded by Hypercat-Z. If It Fits I Sits. How they had first met. When he plays a drinking game with his comrades it always ends up in everyone being completely drunk and himself ranting about Jashin or something like that. If anyone comments on her being drunk, she will simply deny it and try not to look that tipsy.

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She will spend most of her day in bed afterwards, not wanting anyone to see her like that. Hidan, Konan -Admin Spacey. He will usually fall asleep after you because he loves watching your peaceful sleeping face and the way your chest rises and falls while you are breathing. You can expect Kisame to grab your hand and simply lead it to his private parts while telling you what to do in situations like that. We see that you're using an ad-blocker!


  • Kamdyn 7 days ago

    name her Caroline Ray or Annika Eve

  • Tyler 14 days ago

    Dunno why they waste her with this douche bag. He's one of the laziest fuckers in porn. She deserves someone with more enthusiasm.

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